Identification in a WiFi network by SMS or phone call

Briefly about the necessity of Radius WiFi

To start with, implementation of systems for user identification in WiFi networks is the requirement of the Russian Federal Law On Communications.
However, to make compliance with the requirements of the law beneficial for their business, we offer our customers an out-of-the-box solution and a powerful marketing tool rolled in one package.
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For Radius WiFi Customers

What is Radius Target?

Radius WiFi is a system for network user identification and a full-featured marketing tool to boost revenues on the basis of collected data on customers.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Desired action

and access to the Internet

Place a post
on social media

a community

Get identified
by SMS

Evaluate new marketing opportunities

We will help you to collect more information on your customers to enable you to boost your company’s revenues

Collect data on real customers to improve efficiency of your marketing campaigns

Subway, a chain of fast food restaurants, gets data of more than 1,500 customers per month in each of its outlets.

  • Sex and age
  • Prime time
  • Phone number and e-mail
  • Social media profiles
  • Birth dates
  • Feedback

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Radius WiFi is a fully adjustable system enabling efficient performance of the most challenging marketing tasks.

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