Authorization on WiFi guest networks via social media

Сервис авторизации через соцсети в публичных WiFi

Radius WiFi

authorization via social media to access the Internet

Attract new followers to your community and spread information using reposts

Let need of your guests and clients to use the Internet promote your business on social media. Upon connecting to a WiFi network, users will first see a welcome page designed in the corporate style of your business, offering to get authorized through their social media accounts and join the community, or leave a post on their wall to access the Internet. Thus, you will get real followers and increase the reach of your social media content. Once you work out a promotional event or a special offer, you can invite friends of your clients.

How does it work and what new opportunities do you get?

Upon connecting to a WiFi network, users first see a welcome page where they need to get authorized through their social media accounts* to access the Internet.

Authorization via social media
for customer data collection

*users having no social media account
get authorized using their phone numbers or e-mail addresses.


the content

It is not only advertising opportunities that you get, but also valuable data for further analysis and work with the audience

The system reads all open data available from social media platforms and gathers them in a single database

Collect data on real customers to improve efficiency of your marketing campaigns

Subway, a chain of fast food restaurants, gets data of more than 1,500 customers per month in each of its outlets.

  • Sex and age
  • Prime time
  • Phone number and e-mail
  • Social media profiles
  • Birth dates
  • Feedback

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Radius WiFi is a fully adjustable system enabling efficient performance of the most challenging marketing tasks.

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