Identification in a WiFi network by SMS or phone call

Идентификация по смс. Хотспот. HotSpot

Radius WiFi

identification in WiFi networks by SMS or phone call

Comply with
the Federal Law
On Communications
(more details about the Law)

If your venue offers open Internet access or password-based access, it is a direct violation of the Russian Law.
Connection to WiFi networks must necessarily include mandatory user identification —authorization requiring to enter a phone number or passport details or authorization via personal account on Gosuslugi website.
Radius WiFi completely resolves the issues with the Law and opens new advertising and marketing opportunities for your business.

How it works

When connecting the first time*, the user completes standard authorization steps required by the Law.

Step 1:
Connection to the WiFi network

Step 2:
Authorization by SMS or phone call

Step 3:
Accessing the Internet

*the users who have been identified in any Radius WiFi point within the last three months skip these steps.

Use WiFi networks as an effective marketing tool

When reconnecting the network, the user shall complete a desired action to obtain access to the Internet, instead of Steps 2 and 3.
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