Radius Target — get Online advertising focused on offline audience

WiFi Радар от Radius WiFi. WiFi Локатор - Wifi Scanner

Radius Target

Get online advertising focused on offline audience, your competitors’ audience and incidental passers-by

What is Radius Target?

WiFi-router + proprietary Software

Radius Target WiFi catches passive WiFi signals sent by any devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and collects their unique MAC addresses in its database. Then the database formed is used to fine-tune targeted Online advertising.
IMPORTANT! Manual connection to WiFi network is not required to read mac-address of the device.

Compile you own database of offline customers to show them ads on the Internet

Communicate with offline audience in Online environment

Get back your customers who have forgotten you

Scan your competitors’ audience and show them your own ads

Share your audience with partners and engage in joint marketing campaigns (cross-marketing)

How does Radius Target work?

Radius Target офлайн пиксель WiFi Радар

Step 1:
Set up the solution in most crowded public places or on your own premises to start scanning

Step 2:
Upload the audience collected in your advertising account to fine-tune targeted advertising

Where will your target audience see your ads?

Radius Target is integrated in myTarget and Yandex.Display advertising services
that allow for showing ads to users of VK, Odnoklassniki and Mail.ru projects, as well as in Yandex advertising networks.

Stationary and portable Radius WiFi routers

Stationary router
to scan the audience
at a specific location
(e.g. on the premises of your own restaurant or store)

Mobile (portable) router
to scan the audience
at any location available
(e.g. on the premises of your competitor, a nearby shopping center, by a subway entrance, etc.)

Successful example applications

Scan raid
A Radius Target mobile router was applied to collect the audience of Rio shopping center visitors. Targeted advertising efforts were tuned to 47.000 unique MAC addresses of the database collected.

Bringing customers back
Segment of customers who didn’t visit the store within the past two months was identified. MyTarget service was used to fine-tune an advertising campaign offering them a 20% discount

Interaction with business partners
Barvikha Lounge shares its audience with business partners and gets additional revenues from sales of ads. Additional advertising efforts are focused on active audience of Meat Meat burger shop visitors

World famous companies and small local projects trust us

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Radius WiFi is a fully adjustable system enabling efficient performance of the most challenging marketing tasks.

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