WiFi marketing for hotels and hostels

WiFi для отелей и хостелов

Use WiFi networks to establish and maintain effective communications with guests of hotels, guest houses and hostels.
In 2014, the Russian Federal Law on Communications was amended to oblige owners of public WiFi networks to implement user identification systems, which, in its turn, has spelled further trouble for the hotel business. However, Radius WiFi customers not only comply with the law, but also use WiFi marketing to advance their business or turn WiFi hotspots into a direct source of revenue.

WiFi opportunities for the hotel business

Select your welcome screen option and function when the user connects to the WiFi network

Introduce individual vouchers for Internet access
When they check in at the reception desk, provide your guests with individual codes permitting access to the Internet (it may be a room number or the guest’s initials). Such code will remain active for only as long as the guest stays at the hotel.
Using a voucher enables the resident to skip the procedure of identification in the network and ensures comfortable use of the Internet.

Turn WiFi networks into a direct source of revenue
Automate your WiFi hotspot to accept payments for use of the Internet and increase the average bill value. These techniques will help to recover your expenses for the services of Internet providers and open a new source of passive income for your business. You can set any price you want.

Sell WiFi advertising opportunities on the premises of your hotel, guest house or hostel to your business partners
Offer restaurants, bars and other companies show their ads to your guests and residents. Or show them your own ads (e.g. additional services). Upon connecting to a WiFi network, the user will first see a welcome page with an information or advertising banner, and clicking on it will bring the guest to the advertiser’s web resource to check out for more details of the offer.

Receive feedback — set up surveys and mini questionnaires
Find out how customers rate your service and monitor the quality of your staff’s performance . Configure Internet connection to allow the access only after answering one or more questions you want to ask. The questionnaire may appear not only on the welcome screen when connecting to the WiFi network, but also, for example, during an Internet session on the second or the third day of the guest’s stay to let them form their reasoned opinion.


Radius WiFi developers are far ahead of others in offering user identification services in WiFi networks. That’s why we offer our customers numerous advantages in addition to basic functions.

Compliance with laws

We identify WiFi network users by their SMS messages or phone calls. We ensure 100% compliance with the Russian Federal Law On Communications

Design your welcome page

Radius WiFi enables creation of aesthetically pleasing welcome pages in the corporate style of your business.

Receive feedback

Use Radius WiFi to conduct surveys. Get to know your customers’ opinion on your menu, service, new dishes, the quality of staff’s performance, or ask them any other question.

Get maximum information about your guests

You can collect data of your guests: their sex and age, time of attendance, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, social media profiles, birth dates and other information. Use this data to boost the profits of your business.

Invite guests via social media

Attract social media users, increase the number of real followers of your community, use viral marketing to spread information about your promotional events and special offers

Fine-tune ads to customers

Use ID of your guests to remind them of yourself and make an interesting offer via advertising networks of Yandex, Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Build a complete database for MyTarget system

Phone call-based authorization

Guests of Hilton Hotel get authorized on the network based on a phone call, which means that hotel owners now SAVE 2 rubles they used to spend on each sms-authorization. Having more than 30,000 guests authorized, they have saved more than 60,000 rubles.

Easier authorization and CRM integration

Okhta Park resort has integrated its authorization system with the system for registration of guests. The residents now don’t have to be identified on the network — it’s enough just to indicate their room numbers.

Paid Internet access

Old Rostov Hotel makes a profit by selling Internet access to its guests. Its average income ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles per day.

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